Buy at our auctions

Our auctions take place live with audience at our auction house located central in Oslo.

How to bid?

In the auction room

All bidders must register prior to bidding. This can be done during our viewing hours when all items are displayed, or during the auction.

Phone bids

We have good capacity for worldwide phone bids. There are no limits on the item value in order to bid over the phone. Phone bids can be booked online through or webpage, over the phone or per email. Please note that all phone bids must be registered no later than two hours before the auction starts.

Pre bids

You can register your pre bids directly in our online catalogue, over the phone or per email. We accept online pre bids up until the item comes up for sale, but pre bids med over the phone or email must be registered no later than one hour before the auction starts.

Pre bid example:
The estimate of the item is 4,000. We register a pre bid of 5,000. The auction starts at 3,000 and a bid of 3,000 is confirmed (the pre bid.) The auction room bids 3,200, the pre bid answers with 3,400, a phone bid says 3600 and the auctioneer – on behalf of the pre-bidder – finalizes the sale at 3,800 + commission.


For our higher quality auctions we make a catalogue with photos of the most important items. For the decorative auctions the lists does not include photos. (Please note that they are always available online.)

Web page

On our online catalogue you will find photos of every item.

Text in catalogue and on webpage

We attempt to give accurate description of each item, but strongly recommend that you request a condition report on items of interest to you.

Valuation/ estimates

Our estimates are conservative and the bidding usually starts at approx. 70% of the estimated price.


Most items have a reserve price agreed with the seller. The reserve will naturally be lower than the estimate.


You can pay with Visa, Mastercard or bank transfer.

Freight / shipping

We send items all over the world either through the postal system or FedEx. If you prefer other transporters, we are happy to make arrangements with them.